Seeing and experience Noodles this Saturday the Warm Up! Super excited. Listened to some of my favorite mixes by her to get amped up.

Data Talk

A lot of my close friends know that I’ve been fixated on data journalism and data’s relation to everything that we do in the creative industry today. Loved these two conversations about data from BASIC:

Small Gifts

It seems counterintuitive, but the more altruistic your attitude, the more benefits you will gain from the relationship. If you insist on a quid pro quo every time you help others, you will have a much narrower network and a more limited set of opportunities. Conversely, if you set out to help others…simply because you think it’s the right thing to do, you will rapidly reinforce your own reputation and expand your universe of possibilities.
— Reid Hoffman
Small gifts, freely given, are like magic for both parties. For the giver, the contributions feel authentic and genuine because there are no strings attached. It’s easier to give because you’re not manipulating or promoting, you’re being helpful. The receiver, sensing this, isn’t burdened by the weight of an obligation, and the gift no longer feels like an unwanted transaction.

Offering small gifts freely takes practice. The key to real generosity is to be detached from the outcomes. Go ahead and hold the door open without any expectation of a thank you. Make a helpful introduction. Offer some assistance without any mental strings attached. Your small gifts, freely given over the course of your network, will deepen relationships and unlock access to possibilities.
— John Stepper

Hong Kong

“Jimmy Lai is one of the richest people in Hong Kong. And in some ways, the story of his rise is the story of Hong Kong itself.

Jimmy was born in mainland China. In 1960, when he was 12 years old, he snuck out of China and into Hong Kong by hiding in the bottom of a fishing boat. The day he got to Hong Kong, he got a job in a factory. By the time he was 21, he was running a factory. Today, he’s one of the richest people in Hong Kong. He’s also one of the most vocal critics of the Chinese government, and a major figure in Hong Kong’s protest movement.

Jimmy Lai’s story is the story of Hong Kong. And Hong Kong’s story is the story of the 200-year-long history of China and with the West — a story of communism, colonialism, and capitalism.”

Really dug this episode of Planet Money!

Hype Economy

When does something transcend and break out of hype and really become something else?


(22:16) “Pay attention to the people who have a pattern of creating or building things that connect with people. When it becomes a pattern, that’s when you know it’s genius and not hype. How regularly can they connect with you?”

(25:54) “We need the hype economy to carve out new sectors and push forward new things. From that, it’s on each one of us to mentally weed out what’s actually necessary for us to consume and what’s not necessary.”

(27:00) “In a world of social media, hype economy creates platforms. In turn, creates a place for more hype to begin. It gets weird. Hype doesn’t necessarily create anything of real value.”

Other compelling heat points: exclusivity, accessibility, hyper personalization, attention spans, create tactile experiences, people want to find themselves in brands, find your piece that spawns longevity;