Emerline here!

This is my first post on this section of my personal website that I'm designating as just writing. I'm really excited about separating a writing section from the main blog. 

I've missed writing online.

Writing without too many visuals, hyperlinks, or other distractions. Frankly, I think a lot of us miss digital content that's still published in its most simplest form and not filled with countless bells and whistles. There are so many times where I begin reading an article or post, but end up somewhere else online because I clicked on the hyperlinks within the piece. I never get to even finish the original post I set off to read. I feel regular information fatigue and sadly tire my mind out with so many distractions per day online.

I remember though when my relationship with the internet wasn't so tiring.

I get nostalgic about the days that I used to have an active study abroad blog on Tumblr. After starting it in the fall of 2012, I kept it alive until I left Seoul in the summer of 2013. The blog was obviously mostly about my life living in South Korea. I was barely 20 years old when I began blogging. I posted a lot of cheesy and cringeworthy coming-of-age type posts, hahaha. I also shared music, photos, funny moments and other little bits that were related to Korean culture. There was a lot I was feeling and I enjoyed sharing glimpses of it all with people who cared.

In the year I was abroad, the blog's follower count was just a little over a 1,000 readers. Not all that crazy, but just enough to create some interesting interactions. People would ask me questions about studying abroad. Some of them commented and engaged regularly. I even became real life friends with just a few of them! My recent favorite happening: I learned that someone I'd once met randomly at a dinner used to read the blog as well. Magical. The feeling is really magical when you meet someone who somehow came across your little world on the internet and they say they liked it. This is because it's always a vulnerable experience when you put something personal into the public sphere. I've learned that we can't expect to make meaningful connections with others if we're not willing to put some real skin in the game.

With all this said, I'd like some magic back. Lots has happened in my personal life and in my surroundings over the past five years and I'm curious to see what it'll be like to share what's going on in this now mid-twenties mind of mine. If you're familiar with me, thanks for coming along for the ride again. If not, welcome! I'm glad you're here.