The Basics

First off...  I am not an expert on cities, longtime resident of this place, nor a native New Yorker. I moved to New York in January 2016 so you can do the math of how long it's been since I left the golden shores of California. I'm guessing that you're most likely not an expert on New York City either since you're here.

When you live in NYC and you know a lot of people outside of it, it doesn't matter how long your stay has been — people ask for tips and recommendations. A lot. Honestly, I think I made this guide out of guilt of not being able to help all those friends I've ignored due to being busy. 

TLDR / This guide is more for people who have no idea of what to expect and who are still very new to their New York City exposure. It's not really designed for this city's native or longtime dwellers. 

“I’ve only been once for 12 hours so the thought of having to navigate my way through the city and see everything is daunting haha”
— A text I got recently