Guggenheim Friday Lego Winedown

I still can't believe I spent last night in the way I did. In a good way.

Not too long ago, my CreativeMornings colleague Paul tore through a package that arrived at the office like a kid at Christmas. The package immediately created a bit of buzz in the office -- it was a special Lego set of the Guggenheim!

Yesterday, Paul and Kyle finally decided to do it for our weekly Friday Winedown activity.

Kyle and Paul went IN on the set. Paul laid out the manual while Kyle grabbed bowls and sorted the pieces by general type.


The two of them were having such a blast it cracked me up. When I finally started participating, Kyle got competitive with his "spice" talk. Something he refers to a lot regarding another one of his hobbies, bocce ball. (Basically, talking in a sassy and slightly aggressive way to agitate the opposition.)

Eventually, Kyle had to leave to go dog sitting and Tina had an appointment. So for a while, I assisted Paul in finding the right pieces for each step.

An hour or so later, some FRIENDS (DorisBobby, and Mark) from upstairs stopped by to join our Winedown. Let's just say it quickly became a collaborative team effort.

I mostly took photos and sorted the pieces by color and type.

The level of focus and sincerity that the group showed was refreshing. Even though all of us are creative professionals, it felt really good to see grown adults playing and figuring something out together - just for the heck of it.

Thanks Paul for making our Friday Winedown even more entertaining!