Music Archaeologists

We’re music archaeologists. We’re hunting down the lost artifact. We all have a list of records that we would do anything to get our hands on, that we’ve been chasing for years, and we actually call this list our ‘holy grails.’
— Alexis Charpentier

I loved listening to this TED Talk about music curators, record bin digging, DJs, and more. While music curators have always been around, I think there’s a resurgence in the appreciation of it.

For example, my favorite collective Soulection got invited to Coachella this year. I find the Lofi streaming culture to be just another form of music curation. Another favorite platform of mine is Noon Pacific. Noon Pacific brings you curated mixtapes with handpicked songs from LA, New York and London delivered weekly at noon (pacific time).

Of course, there’s also the almighty Spotify and Apple Music with their thousands of curated playlists generated by their teams, but also by their users, you and me.

I’m curious to see what the “music archaeologists” of the upcoming generation comes up with after the SoundCloud and typical streaming era.