Speaking in Korea

I’m super excited to share that I will be speaking at a conference + meet-up in South Korea on Saturday, October 20th. The talk will be at the Gyeong-Gi Imagination Platform (aka GIP Project), a collaborative project between CoopY and the Gyeong-Gi Cultural Foundation.


Gyeong-Gi is the most populated province in South Korea and is the geographic region encompassing Seoul. The GIP Project was created and funded by its cultural foundation to help support and empower young Korean entrepreneurs and creatives in their local communities.

My portion of the programming aims to introduce different and innovative stories regarding the ways people are building industry-related communities. The theme of the conference is The power of networking in creating community. Apparently, this is also a kick-off to a website where they hope to archive and curate the stories of young professionals from around the world. All the content is meant to stimulate the minds of Korean professionals and to inspire them to think outside the box of conventional Korean work culture.

Promotional cards that have been introducing CM on the FB page.

I’m grateful to CreativeMornings and my colleagues for generously allowing me to take a few days away from the office to take up the opportunity. It’s always been a personal dream of mine to have my work overlap with opportunities in the motherland. While it seemed random at first, the fact that it’s located so close to where my relatives and cousins live is serendipitous. I’ll finally get to meet my cousin’s newborn! Technically, his baby is my first cousin once removed. I prefer the vague ‘auntie’ title though.

Images of the GyeongGi Imagination Campus

The meet-up and talk will take place at the Gyeong-Gi Imagination Campus, a local multipurpose cultural center created to host conferences and projects like the GIP project. Definitely not expecting anyone I know there, but happy to be logging in this milestone here.

Wish me luck!

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