Nice Finds 001

1. This quote from Three Piece of Advice for the Creative Life

"It’s as simple and as complex as that. You’re the only you that’s ever been. Keep showing up despite the chaos. Be humble in the pursuit of your art and ruthless about finding the time to make it. Find friends with whom you can weather the tragic gaps. Give one another loving, honest feedback and teach each other how to make money in weird, sustaining ways. Collaborate and commiserate. Make relationships that are reciprocal, not transactional. Make lives that aren’t easy, but rife with good material. Make art that matters." 
Courtney Martin

2. Daniel Caesar on Tiny Desk!! I've been waiting for this moment forever.

3. This line on stubborn obstacles. Oh, Ralph. Always delivering gems.

"The very area where you face the most stubborn obstacles can end up being the source of your greatest triumphs." 
— Ralph Marston

4. Screenshots I took from Vox's Explained episode on K-Pop

5. Refinery 29's 'Shady' series covered where hair for extensions really comes from...