Moses Sumney – Kinfolk

Like many others, I first heard Moses Sumney’s voice from his live song recording Plastic on SoundCloud:

It makes me happy to see him being featured more and more. Recently, I saw him featured on Kinfolk for a short interview. This part of the interview stood out to me:

“In a pinch, though, he does have a preferred term: folk. He notes that while headed to the train station, a taxi driver asked about his music. “The driver goes, ‘Oh, you don’t look like you perform folk music.’ People try to reduce you to your race when all you’re trying to do is create.’”

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 11.39.43 PM.png

“When it gets hard is when it gets good. You can’t distract yourself from your own mind, and the deep, vast places that a mind can go. It’s when you learn the most about yourself and about the world. It’s when you’re best positioned to create work and to create the work that’s most interesting.”