CreativeMornings x J.Crew

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In a surprising series of events, J.Crew invited the CreativeMornings team (not everyone on the team was able to make it to the shoot days) to participate in their fall campaign called The New Crew.

J.Crew Presents: #MEETMYCREW

J.Crew is celebrating the power of groups and the idea that we’re better together (#meetmycrew).

There were six other groups featured. Groups that are saving oceans, empowering young men and women, rescuing animals, and more. P.S. Perhaps this is the debut of my voice career? Ha.

CreativeMornings is one of seven groups featured on their site and in their 2018 fall catalog. It was both interesting and an honor to be a part of this! Here are some fun behind the scenes pictures from the two days of shooting:

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