Surge Week

This first morning of Writeshop Wednesday's Surge Week was just what I needed. It's a real fulfilling experience when you can get things done alongside lovely people.

What's Surge Week?

For an entire work week, our #writeshopweds crew got together every morning from 7am until 9am the week of December 4th. Typically, we meet once a week on Wednesdays to write for an hour. Surge Week was special because we got to see each other every day and commit to getting more work done together. It was organized by Kyle (the COO of CreativeMornings, my partnerships team partner in crime, and good friend). Kyle is also the human responsible for the wonderful creation of Writeshop Wednesdays.

 Photo via   Sarah     (Founder & Head of Strategy of    Loyal   )

Photo via Sarah (Founder & Head of Strategy of Loyal)

What We Worked On

I felt a majority of us worked on what I'd categorize as website management. Some people needed to create their website from scratch, others wanted to get a newsletter related to their work sent out... I worked on just journaling and thinking about how I could get myself to commit to blogging and writing again more. 

It was during the middle of the week that I realized I needed a newsletter and even just a small audience of readers to force myself to get back into the groove. Brain, no more resistance please. 

Progress I made

An email I wrote to the group after Surge Week: 

Hi everyone :)

This is a tad late, but thought I'd share what I worked on during Surge Week! I actually didn't do too much literal writing, but on the frameworks and foundations that'll house my future writings.

Before Surge Week: All the ideas were in my head, but nothing documented or written out.

After Surge Week

1. Worked with designer to get monogram idea from mood board to conception
2. Came up with format and concept for monthly personal newsletter
3. Fleshed out and organized website pages
4. Continuing to aggregate and bring all my content from other places into one place

Attached screenshots: 

It felt really good to share proof of what I'd worked on to the group. I didn't get to get my website (the one you're now currently reading *cries out of joy*) to the point I wanted to finish during Surge Week.

I learned to be patient and forgiving of myself. It wasn't the end of the world and Surge Week wasn't wasted. Strategy and getting important pieces of a project just right takes time. 

Rushing and finishing it on time wasn't the real underlying lesson that I found at the end of the week. It was that I showed up and proved it to myself that my side projects were still valuable and worth doing.

 Photo via   Tara   (Former Studio Manager of   Friends Work Here   )

Photo via Tara (Former Studio Manager of Friends Work Here)

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