Storm King Art Center


If you saw the second season of Master of None, you'll recognize Storm King. Unless... unless, you have terrible memory like me. I watched both seasons of Master of None in one sitting and have a vague recollection of Storm King in the show. 

The reason I ended up going to Storm King wasn't actually because of the show, but because my squad (Esther, Katherine, and I) were in a conversation one night about wanting to rent a car and leave the city. Storm King came up as an option and we made the arrangements earlier this month to go together. 

Storm King Art Center is an outdoor sculpture park in Mountainville, New York. It covers about 500 acres of wide open land and is only about an hour driving from the city. We were lucky enough to pick a day with gorgeous weather. 

Personally, this was a special day for me. I'd spent the past week recovering from a minor concussion. A fall in the shower and a bump to the back of my head on a Friday morning gave me nearly a week and a half of unwanted slowness, dizziness, and feelings of sleepiness. It was a really humbling and frustrating experience to run out of mental energy. This was the first day I felt more like myself. 

Going to Storm King with Esther and Katherine made the day all the more crazy and full of antics. We behaved like 12 year old girls and then would switch to being like three little grandmas. There were a lot of couples and families there this day, but we had so much fun being our millennial selves all throughout the park.

I love art pieces that are placed and contextualized in a way where you can do more than just look at them. Art that I can participate in and use as an obvious starting point for conversation is the kind of art that I find most memorable.

I'm a little bit embarrassed to say that I wouldn't have appreciated Storm King as much as I did if it weren't for the concussion experience... but it's true. You really don't know how precious the smallest things are until you have them taken away from you. Words can't describe how grateful I am that my experience was temporary. I hope to find ways to keep this refreshed awareness of privilege as a permanent part of my life.

Anyways, enough serious talk. Storm King was beautiful and I recommend it to anyone who can go again in the fall time.