Down The Block

The weather is back in its gloomy funk, and so I decided to shake off the grey vibes with an ice cream break. My very serious declarations of taking an ice cream break were received by my colleague Kyle (our amazing COO + creator of #writeshopweds) and desk mate. Finally at 3pm, I set off!

... Okay, I just set off down the blockhahaha. My destination is literally less than a five minute walk from the office. So here. Come down the block with me on a shop-by-shop tour!


Bergen Street

The Invisible Dog Art Center, endearingly just called the Invisible Dog, is a museum and art center established by Lucien Zayan in 2009. Lucien happened to walk out of the space just as I took the picture! Hi, Lucien!

Just next door is currently Warby Parker's only brick and mortar store in Brooklyn. It's peculiarly always buzzing with people in the middle of the day. I've never been inside yet.

Right next to that is the beautifully meticulous Aēsop. They have their popular testers outside hanging next to their shop door. I've been inside once and had a lovely time. One thing I love more about this Aēsop shop though is that the windows always seem to reflect the outside world so richly. I'm not sure why.

A door or so down, there's 61 Local! A one-stop spot for drinks, food, and coffee. It's laptop friendly and also a good spot to catch up with a friend.

Across the street, there's this Italian restaurant called Numero 28. They're pretty solid and reliable as a go-to for a lot of Boreum Hill locals. Sometimes they'll have a jazz trio jamming out while people sip their wine.

Crossing the street, I always like to look at the corner shop across the intersection. It's called Regular Visitors, and well. I'm a regular visitor. They have cheap coffee and expensive home slash gift goods.

And... here we are!

Van Leeuwen. Started in 2008, this ice cream brand has quickly become my favorite in New York. I think they've expanded to Los Angeles too. They make both regular and vegan ice creams.

A man in line chatted me up. He was very eager to talk with me about ice cream, haha. His energy rubbed off on me. Although he recommended the Strawberry Rhubarb, I went with the Blackberry with granola and coconut.

It gave me the afternoon refresh I needed on this slightly gloomy Tuesday. Ice breaks should be a thing.