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My Oasis on the Internet

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Why do I blog? I mean, why do I still blog? 

Ah, yes. There was a time that I doubted myself and felt self conscious about having my own domain name. I tried keeping it as a portfolio, but soon felt the itch to blog again. To just write and overshare. Even after a busy year of assimilating to New York, I found myself circling back to this hobby. I began asking myself what sort of blog this would be and quickly grew annoyed at myself with having so many silly rules about what I would and wouldn't share. 

And this is what I appreciate so much about the process of finding and settling into my own type of New Yorker identity (baby, still very fresh out of the womb) all while maturing as a young adult — I don't want to care anymore. That is, I want to just do what I desire without overthinking every little thing. I share what I share, because I like what I like. 

I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by a few bloggers every day at the office space who run outrageously popular blogs. Blogs that thousands of people around the city and world read religiously. Some of these bloggers are a team, while others are just committed and faithful to their own rhythm of sharing. They blog about very different things and in very different ways.

However, they all seem to have one thing in common. They know why. I assume they all have their deep personal experiences and reasons why they continue the practice of blogging. I don't know if these reasons are glamorous at all or tied to anything grand, but I'd like to think that they all feel similarly to why I (or any random person in the world for that matter) blog.

There is joy in sharing. Great joy. 

With all the craziness going on in the news and world, well nourished and thoughtfully cultivated blogs in my book still have relevance as the little oases of the Internet. It's why the Internet will always matter to me beyond the click baits, news sites, and multimedia platforms. 

I like these unique, personalized, and intimate gardens online. They keep me sane and they keep many other modern person in touch with the web sane as well. 

This year, I'd like to focus on that idea alone. To blog for the joy of sharing and to move beyond sanity. Move towards joy and helpfulness.