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Amber Mark

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I stumbled across Amber Mark through a Spotify playlist today and I really dig her sound. On her SoundCloud page, she describes her style as such: "My style is a mix of alternative R&B mixed with a little tribal and topped off with a little soul."

I find her latest EP 3:33am to be refreshing and an interesting twist on the alternative R&B category.

Kudos to Noisey for covering her so early in the game: Who the Hell Is Amber Mark? (Article). I love that she shares that her mother is the biggest influence on her music: 

"My mother definitely plays a big role in my life and in my work. The majority of what I've created has to do with her passing and how I dealt with losing the most important person in my life. It's almost an ode to her. My childhood years spent in India has also greatly influenced the sounds I incorporate into my work. This diverse culture opened my mind and ears to a whole new world of music. I like to say it's where my love affair with sound began."