Writeshop Wednesdays

For the past two weeks, I've had the joy of being part of #writeshopweds, a small weekly meet-up started by Kyle (my good friend and colleague). The idea behind Writeshop is simple: One hour of concentrated writing time, surrounded by new friends, every Wednesday morning before work.

It's exactly what it sounds like — you go to a coffee shop and write alongside a few other new friends who are there to do one thing: write, write write. According to the nice weekly invites, Kyle started the meet-ups back in Toronto back in 2015. The meet-ups are an hour-long and are designed to help anyone who aspires to write more to do exactly that.

He just started it up three weeks ago and I've gone to two of them. It has changed my weeks. It's funny how many excuses we're able to come up with to avoid committing to the habits we say we want to form so badly. That is, I always seemed to have 'no time to write' when I was always able to grab coffee with friends. Writeshop combines the two experiences and leaves me with no excuse. 

The location has been at a cozy coffee shop in Boreum Hill, Brooklyn and is early in the morning at 8:00 AM. Some people bring their laptops while other bring pen and paper. The topics that people have been writing about are so diverse (blogs, journaling, poems, letter of recommendations, etc.)

I guess I should explain the format: 

  • 10 minutes: meet, greet, share what you are writing about if you'd like.
  • 40 minutes: quiet writing time with strangers.
  • 10 minutes: share and reflect if you'd like.

The group has been about 4~6 people so far and it looks like we're keeping it small for now. If the group starts to grow, we'll probably try and find a better base for the meet-ups. Friends invite friends via email and you get to meet awesome new people.

It's such a refreshing and focused way to start hump day. Also, it's really refreshing to be held accountable to the thing I need to do the most and yet avoid like the plague sometimes.