A Photo Time Capsule

Ivan, my brother, came to visit New York City (and me) back in January of this year. Ivan is 21 years old and is a photographer, climber, adventurer, and filmmaker. He lives in Southern California. Although I definitely take my role of being an older sibling seriously, I admire him a lot on a creative level. 

His photography focuses on some lifestyle, occasional portraits, and mostly outdoor travel. For his age, he's definitely traveled a lot more than most of his peers. This is obviously a privilege and it's all thanks to my parents who've encouraged us to go out into the world and explore.

Considering the fact that he's usually at national parks and outdoor landscapes, New York City was outside of his element. He shared these photos with me at just now December 2017, nearly a year after his visit: 

It's so nice to see New York through his fresh eyes and lens again.

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