Coffee & Convos / by Emerline Ji

Coffee & Convos is a project and platform created by San Diego-based social media strategist Alyssa Mopia. She connects with creative entrepreneurial people, grabs coffee with each of them, let's the person talk about whatever they'd like, and  shares snippets of the conversation that might inspire others.



Back in April 2015, Alyssa and her friend were in line behind me at a photo booth for the CreativeMornings/San Diego event. I'd driven down to San Diego all by myself to attend the event and was determined to get a picture even if I was alone. As I walked up to take a photo, Alyssa complimented my outfit. (Turns out compliments are always a great way to catch the attention of people...) Later on, I was scrolling through the CreativeMornings hashtag on Instagram and recognized Alyssa and her friend. I left a comment on their photo saying that we were in line together. She got back to me with a nice reply. After that interaction, we started following each other.

It wasn't until August, four months later, that we bumped into each other again at another CreativeMornings/San Diego event. The moment we saw each other again, we both agreed that we needed to totally connect in real life and get coffee together.

In typical California fashion, I didn't have high expectations from us declaring that we should totally connect since so many people these days just say that they want to hang out and then don't ever follow up. But to my surprise... one day, Alyssa reached out and explained that she was running a small interview project called Coffee & Convos and that she wanted to catch up with me. She was going to be in the O.C. area and wanted to meet up! 


 Photo by Alyssa Mopia

Photo by Alyssa Mopia

On a sunny October afternoon, we met up at Portola Coffee Lab in Santa Ana, California. I don't really remember exactly what we talked about, but I do know that our conversation revolved around our backgrounds and the things that were on our minds at the time: 

 “I know where I want to be and its the matter of connecting those dots of where I am right now and getting to that end goal...”

This coffee date essentially transformed our vague acquaintance into a wonderful creative friendship. You can read the snippet of our conversation here


While on a ten-day break in California, Ivan (my brother) and I met up with Alyssa in Oceanside at Revolution Coffee Roasters. I had a lot of fun catching up with her and hearing all about the official launch of the Coffee & Convos website. I'm especially happy that I was able to somewhat connect my brother to someone like Alyssa!

I had no idea the hangout would be anything related to her project, so I was happy to find that she's also started to feature coffee shops on her site. Props to Alyssa for supporting local businesses and creatives along the California coast!

You can read Alyssa's blog here and follow along for her Coffee & Convos adventures on Instagram @coffeeandconvos.