Romantic Firenze II

We could barely move our legs from the previous day of intense walking and stair stepping. Traveler blues. After stretching our sore bodies and getting over a hot no air conditioned night, we freshened up and got ready to greet Florence again. 

From the beginning of planning this trip, my dad was determined to expose us to a handful of diverse situations. He wanted to show us different types of sleeping arrangements and transportation methods. In Milan, we stayed in a nice hotel. In Florence, we checked into an old historic home slash hostel.

The view from the window was of the local neighborhood and a charming sight to see right outside the green wooden blinders. The only problem? As an old place, there was no air conditioning!!! (First world problems) Instead, we were given four large fans. All they did was continuously circulate the hot air within the room. At the beginning of the night, we were afraid to open the window because of mosquitos since the window had no screen.

But after a few hours of being too hot, I woke up and decided we'd have to sacrifice Ivan as a token to the mosquitos (he was sleeping nearest to the window). Opening the window cooled down the room a whole lot. And let's just say... Ivan was not very pleased when he woke up (hahaha).


Gusta Pizza

We woke up around 10 a.m. and lazed around for a bit until around 11:30 a.m. when we got hungry. Recommended by several friends, I suggested Gusta Pizza to my family for our first meal of the day. Truth was that we'd tried multiple pizza places in Milan and Venice without much satisfaction. Even though we'd had pizza nearly every day of the trip so far, I wanted to really have some good memorable food before we left Italy.

I was surprised to see people lined up outside the pizza shop and around the block. This got us excited to try the pizza! While in line, Ivan and I goofed off and people watched.


Once we ordered and got our pizza, we walked down the street until we got to the plaza area. We wanted to get a view of the place and sat on the steps of the Santo Spirito church and ate our two pizzas until we were full. 

Gusta had a variety of possible selections ranging from their specialty pizzas to other non pizza dishes. It's affordable, pretty chewy, O.K. sauce, and filling. Probably great after a night of drinking with friends or just a weekend bite. 


Piazza Santo Spirito


Osteria Santo Spirito


Leaving Florence

Cities are about juxtaposition. In Florence, classical buildings sit against medieval buildings. It’s that contrast we like.
— Richard Rogers