Yesterday afternoon, my team decided to try a new place that one of our friends at work was raving about called RICE&MISO. Just a few blocks from our Brooklyn office, the calming atmosphere and healthy food stole my heart. 

Started by Japanese native Mika Hatsushima, RICE&MISO serves simple traditional Japanese foods involving organic brown rice Onigiri and good ol' miso soup. Albeit very common foods, Mika was convinced her Brooklyn community would benefit from having access to the healthy foods she grew up eating in her own home.

They share on their website that Mika originally wanted to find good options for her daughter. It wasn't until she strolled around local neighborhoods that she noticed there was an opportunity for RICE&MISO. 

What started as simple pop-ups in flea markets, RICE&MISO just opened this first brick-and-mortar spot in Boreum Hill. Minimal pastel tones, natural lighting, and a quiet calm atmosphere made for a pleasant lunch experience. 

It's humble operation between Mika and an older woman, whom I presume is either her mother or relative. I ordered a Tofu Bento Box which included two rice balls of my choice + three sides + miso soup (+$2). There were other meat options as well as various combinations between the sides and types of rice balls. 

I got so excited I forgot to take a picture of the food itself, hahaha. You can see beautiful photos of some of their food on their website at The food was bland IN A GOOD WAY. I really appreciated the simplicity and powerfully nutritious choices in their ingredients. If you want something more flavorful, just make sure to order flavorful rice balls (I got the original on purpose).

I also was very happy to be matching with this cute little place. I think I'll definitely come back in the near future when I'm craving rice balls on a good warm day. 

If you're ever in the neighborhood:

134 Nevins Street, Brooklyn NY 11217

Hello NYC

I just got back from a wonderful week-long trip to New York City! I'm so happy that I was able to squeeze in the time to visit after my trip to Seoul. This was my first time in the Big Apple and I admit that I was both excited and anxious before taking off. Every major city in the world is its own organism - pulsing, breathing, moving, and sleeping according to the people living in it. From this short week, I was able to sense that NYC is definitely on its own wavelength and full of hardworking & passionate people.


When I first heard that the Smithsonian was reopening the Cooper Hewitt, I knew that it would be the first place I wanted to visit in NYC. I've become interested in the world of design over the past few years and the idea of a museum devoted exclusively to historic and contemporary design excited me. The Cooper Hewitt is relatively small and minimal in its selections in comparison to the other museums in the city.  But true to its mission, everything was methodical, carefully selected, and relevant. They also have the coolest electronic touch pens that you can use to create a digital archive of your favorites throughout the stay.



download (5).jpeg

I was one of those many viewers glued to my screen whenever the cast of Friends got together to meet at Central Perk, an obvious nod to the iconic park. I never really looked up the map of NYC until my visit. As a consequence, I envisioned Central Park a small patch of grass that was crawling with people. In real life, I was blown away by its 843 acres of land. As an urban park, I was impressed by how well kept it is thanks to its conservancy program. I can see how it can be an oasis for the many New Yorkers here. 



I honestly had no real expectations or feelings about Times Square. The flashing billboards and oozing commercialism is definitely eye catching due to how famous it is. All I have to say about this place is that it reminded me of the loud artificiality that surrounds us in the modern world. Some of us have gotten used to all the flashing lights and loud messages while others feel paralyzed. If there's anything that seemed "classic" it was The Lion King advertisement. I've also included a few shots that I took along the way to Times Square.