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I arrived this morning for an impromptu #writeshopweds (and packed my charger), but forgot my laptop (hahaha) — ended up putting my phone, pen, and this convenient rolling paper set up to work anyway.

The funny thing? Ended up finally materializing a personal writing project I'm super excited about. More on this later.

TGD Podcast #13: Alice Gao

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Photo Source: TGD Newsletter

Photo Source: TGD Newsletter

I'm a big fan of Alice Gao. So sad that I missed the TGD Live that she was in with Meredith Jenks. Thank you to The Great Discontent though for turning the sessions into podcast episodes. 

"Photographers Meredith Jenks and Alice Gao talk to host Tina Essmaker about the very different paths they took into photography, share their best business advice for aspiring photographers, and reflect on what photography has taught them about the world in which we live."

Excited to listen to this on my commute out to Queens this Saturday.

Joyce Wrice is the shit.

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I've been a fan of Joyce Wrice ever since she came on the scene. She's beautiful and sings like an angel. She's been coming out with a lot of polished videos and shows these days (which I love) and is traveling around the world to perform. 

Love this behind the scenes of a recent show: 

I love how much she's progressed over the past two years and watching her career expand. My favorite clips of her though are still her old jam session videos. Still obsessed with them:

One Year of Dancing

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One month ago, I finally turned 25... and while I still feel like I'm settling into the fact that I'm now in my mid-twenties — I kinda dig it! It feels like an interesting age to me because I've never felt more comfortable in my own skin and yet I also feel like I'm going through an intense learning period of figuring out who I am. What kind of life do I want to live? How am I living right now? Is there there anything that I'm not doing yet? What brings me real joy? What things matter to me? 


Among all the crazy things I throw myself into in the span of a week, dancing has been one of them. Beginner hip-hop workshops to be exact. A few days ago, I found myself saying this in my team meeting: 

Team: "Emerline, what's your cherry (positive thing) and pit (negative thing) this week?" 
Me: "Hm..." 
Team: "Is it dancing? Your cherry MUST be dancing." 
Me: "Oh my god, yes! You're right! Dancing is really my biggest cherry these days." 

The conversation made me realize that it's been a little over a year since I've started to regularly attend dance workshops at House of Movement. I started attending early last year after moving to New York and after a few workshops, I was convinced that House of Movement was a really fun and inclusive community. I’ve become friends with some of the staff and I always look forward to going to my classes as much as possible. Dancing is one of the activities that definitely brings me joy. 


Even though I’ve been attending for year, it’s only been a few weeks since I’ve started to become OK with being recorded and sharing those clips with my friends via Instagram. The reason? I can finally somewhat keep up and not be a total squid in class. Hahahaha. 

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